A Kitty By Any Other Name...




Would smell (and feel) as sweet!

I know you must be dying to know what his name finally ended up being...with all the emails I received (ok, there was just one from my bestie) wanting to know, WHAT IS IT???

Drum Roll Please....


Indiana Berkey and the Temple of Never Enough Food to be precise, but we're going to call him Indy for short.

I mean, just look at those piercing eyes, and you should see his swagger...I keep picturing him with a cocked fedora on his head and he drips with charisma...just drips with it! Of course I'll be his Willie Scott any day ;-)

This is Indy's favorite way to sleep. The good news is I've lost weight with all the standing (he prefers it that way) and the fact that he keeps eating all my food helps too. Not that I need to lose any, but hey, the holidays are upon us and that just means more eggnog lattes for this girl...REAL whip cream? OF COURSE!
On a side note, I'm kind of digging the politically correct way of sporting fur during the colder months.