Currently On My Easel

Work in progress, using Zorn's palette

Well, all good intentions go right out the window with me. I had promised myself I'd visit this space more, share what I'm creating, say hello...maybe make a few videos to share.

I don't know about the rest of you, but my mind is all over the place. I paint 24/7 -  in my sleep, when I'm watching a movie, when I'm on the ballet bar, when I'm eating, when someone is talking to me...sorry! There's is no balance with me. To an outsider it might look like I live a balanced life, but the jokes on you! Or is it me? Anyway, I've cut just about every distraction out of my lfie and declared the next 2 years time to go deeper with my art, spend more time at the easel, pushing myself as far out of my comfort zone that I can stand without setting myself on fire. 

I'm excited and full of crazy energy and I'm loving feeling fearless. The more I learn and do, the more I know I have so far still to go...and it's not getting me stressed out even though I'm painting a lot of crap. Here's the thing, if it's easy, I'm not pushing myself I'm wiping a lot more canvas than I'm sharing right now, and it feels gooood

So hello. Here's what I accomplished today. I hope you are doing well and please follow me on Instagram. I'm posting much more there of my works in progress and some videos in my studio...and now I just realized I'm starving so goodbye for now. I'll try to visit you again soon.