Evolution of a Portrait

The final painting. About 3 hours painted at the gallery on Saturday. There are a couple of issues that need to be fixed once it's dry and I can oil it without damaging what's there. 



The scary stage!

As I gear up for my week long painting retreat in OBX, NC, next month, I've been working on some lessons and studies to share with the group of artists attending. Self portraiture in history has been a great tool for artists to master skills needed to advance their art. Some day I'll share my self portraits from the beginning, but not today. I assure you, they will make you laugh so hard you'll almost pee yourself. Consider yourself warned. 

If you follow me on FaceBook and can no longer find me there, it's because I've deleted myself. Gasp! I know. I needed to take a few months off to enjoy the rest of summer, continue to run Berkey B&B, enjoy my artist friends who are all staying with me, and build a new body of work. I'm not sure when or if I'll join again, so for now subscribing to my blog, signing up for my newsletter, and following me on Instagram will be the ways of seeing what's happening in the studio during my sabbatical from the nuthouse social media site book of face.