Farm House Rooster Class coming up!

Oh, hello.

How cute is this farm house rooster? Want one of your own? It's availabe in my shop in print and original form...and, if you're feeling super extra jazzed about getting out of your comfort zone and doing something can actual paint one of your very own at my class at The Farm House on July 25th! 

Visit here to read more and register...I'll bring lots of fun colors so you can paint one that sings on your walls. 

On the home front, we just had a lovely summer rain, spent hours on the porch drinking coffee and listening to birdsong after sleeping in way past sunrise...

I'm exuberant after my social media diet this past week...and think it's going to have to be a new norm. It's hard the balance of getting your art out to be seen and dropping down the black hole of other people's lives. And I get it, some people feel like it's a way to connect with others. I too follow a few dear souls that I feel a kindred to. BUT, it's not a connection. It's not a way of being seen that is soul satisfying. And I don't want anything less in my life than deep, soul satisfying relationships. I'm being seen, and for those in my intimate circle, I see you. And I love you, deeply. And for my art? I'm going to keep painting and showing up here and sharing bits on IG...and hoping what I put out into this world will bring those interested here to my little corner of the world wide web. 

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