For the love of Art...and Food


Last Saturday Kirkland's hosted me for an art signing during their Liberty, MO store's Grand Opening.

It was such a surreal and fun experience. I met so many people and felt like a bit of a rock start (ehem) when asked to sign a pice...and the best part was my tribe was with me and we had an incredible dinner afterward at Luigi's! It's always about the food, right?

I've spent the hours since the signing painting and moving myself back into my large cottage studio out back. It's been set up for workshops these past years and without people, the solitary easels felt cold to me. 

I've moved my "classroom" to the Bohemian Sage Gallery downtown where I share a space with my bohos above so I've been able to set up my studio just for me (and a few friends). I've got a lounge, a meditation stage (YES), an area for photographing my work (yes, yes) and enough room to stretch myself out and move around from project to project...which I have many. I feel less fragmented already (I've had my work in two small areas inside the house and I've been tripping over myself all winter). 

I will share photos next week when I get it all pulled together. I have to film for my upcoming class in Paint Your Heart and Soul 2017 and then I'm fying off to meet my granddaughter...yes yes yes... this is the most exciting of all the things. 

I hope you like my new website, and check out my print on demand shop. You can order canvas or paper prints of all my work, yay! And thank you to those who've ordered already. I want to hear how your prints turned out. I have an amazing print shop run by artists in Austin, TX making them for me. It's been a dream of mine to offer prints, expecially wrapped canvas giclee prints. It opens the opportunity for all of us to afford artwork that isn't mass produced, but made to order by people who make a living at their trade. 

I need to get back to painting the wall here in my studio. It's chalkboard paint, though I have no artistic skill at chalk art, none, nadda. If you are local and you have some skill at it...reach out. I'd love to work with you! 

Oh! One more thing! My tribe and I are painting from life at the gallery this Saturday. We will be doing this many times throughout the year. If you want to model for us, hit us up! If not, come and watch us paint for a while, it's kind of fun seeing a bunch of artists during a paint off throw down. The model gets to pick the painting she/he wants to go home with at the end...nothing like a little pressure. cheers!