Lone Nest


Lone Nest 9x12 oil on board. Purchase here for $70

Hello beautiful souls.

This is one of my favorite paintings right now. The simplicity of the colors, the abstract elements...all which I love. I'm currently painting in very limited palettes again, something that makes my soul calm. 

In my upcoming retreat in Outer Banks, NC I will be teaching simplfying. Registration is open and we will be thre from May 20-26th. I do hope you join us. We'll be working in portrait, floral, beach scene, and possibly figurative work depending on our group. I'm going to teach a very limited palette and push a bit harder in this next workshop. I learned so much from my last workhshop there. Mainly the layout of the house, how much everyone enjoyed the kundalini yoga aspect of the retreat (there will be more in this next one) and simplifying the food a bit to open up more beach fun time. Being so close to the ocean is a blessing, something that just relaxes the soul and asks us to slow way down. Something I've learned from my daily practice.

I had read that yoga will ruin your career...which is kind of true in the fact that you no longer want to be on the hampster wheel this world demands of you. You may not notice it but every so slowly you start to change, reflect inward more, start loving what you already have and a feeling of peace reaches so far down into you that you realize that you no longer need anything more, you have enough, you are enough. Email me with any questions. kellyberkeyart@gmail.com Sat Nam.