Meet Emersyn Belle

My granddaughter, Emersyn Belle just turned 5 months old. I can't tell you how in love I am with this little human. I thought I could never adore anyone as much as my son. She has the same light and radiates happiness like her daddy and she's wicked smart like her momma. Hopefully she will inherit a little bit of her grandma's fiest.

 She already has a paint and cooking apron from my trip to Lisbon, Portugal, water soluable oil paints, her own easel, and I'm collecting books and stories about female arists to read to her. I'm in awe of women painters, writers, artists and how hard it is even today to make it in what is still somewhat a man's world. The story of Beatrix Potter is one I'm excited to share with her first, along with Beatrix's books. 

I have long summer trips already planned for her out here in the country. Weeks of being wild, forging for berries, swimming in creeks, plein air painting, gardening, cooking, star gazing, moon shine baths, and firefly chasing.

When she is older, I hope she will travel internationally with me to paint and soak in local culture. She will see the world early on as her momma is an avid world traveler, but we will have our own trips to take with art and small village culture to soak up. 

Here she is with her daddy & momma, Keith & Maribel. 

I'll be photographing her in October so I can start painting...she will be a lifetime of artistic inspiration and the sweetest light in my life.