Painting Squirrel?

Degas said "Art is not what you see but what you make others see." 

For several years now I've been studying painting only what I see rather than what I know. But that is very far from painting what I want to make others see.

And I needed to do just that. I needed to train myself to see what's really there and not what my mind overran my sight into believing was before me. Our minds are powerful and also very tricky little buggers.

When I painted from 'what I know', I painted faces that looked rather flat and childish. I then delved into teaching myself to paint from 'what I see' and my portraits became much more realistic, I began to notice the nuances in color, temperature, values, lack of lines, and how light could change all that in a matter of a second. It completely opened my mind to a whole new beautiful world around me and I cherish how that transformed my life.

Now I'm ready to begin Degas's journey on painting from 'what I want to make others see' and I believe this will be the most challenging part of my training...but also the most exciting, and I believe a journey that will take place many times during my lifetime as I change and have something new to share with my viewers. 

I'm working hard to finish up all prior commitments and am going to work even harder on my ability to say 'no' rather than the jerk reaction of 'yes' I've been trained my whole people-pleasing life for. 

So what does this all mean to you? And why am I even telling you? Because for one, I like you. Might even love you if you love art and especially my art and I've met you before and you are nice. Because I love all that.

But I digress...

Why I'm telling you really is because I'm a believer of thought, word, and deed. And planning. But that can turn into neurosis for me and we won't have that. I'm going to stay fluid in my plans but I do need to make a plan. And I need to share it to make it more than just a thought, because it will never become a deed without me telling everyone else and making myself just a little bit accountable in my own life's passion.'s where I've begun. I'm going on a major social media diet. Almost a sabbatical. I'm deleting my FaceBook Art page, archived my group page, and have deleted most of my IG peeps I follow to keep me from logging on and falling into the big black abyss of someone else's lovely but very unrealistic staged life. Because in all reality, it keeps me from even knowing what it is I want to share with the world. It makes me nuts, in fact. All the pretty shinny things distract me like a squirrel on crack. 

I've ordered new art supplies and a whole new palette is about to crack me wide open as I explore the world of evoking emotion through color and abstract shapes. It also means I have to put a shit-ton of canvas behind me so I'm going to have a lot of small studies for sale, and at great prices...which is where you come in! Please, please, please, if you love my artwork and want to help keep me in art supplies while I learn to become a genuine creative force in the universe, purchase my little studies and I will be forever in your gratitude.

In return for your patronage, I will also show up here more and share photos of my works in progress, maybe a few short films...and lots more insight as I retrain myself to paint from within. I'll be posting my small studies on my Daily Paintworks Gallery as well as on the if you haven't subscribed yet to this blog, please do so (litte box on the left side). That way all my new paintings will come to your inbox, all happy to meet you for the first time. 

I'm hoping all this will happen at full speed come December, but I'm going to begin the practice in between fullfilling my prior commitments of teaching, retreats, and commissions starting next up until the end of September this little painting squirrel is going to be overworked. But nothing good comes without a bit of sacrifice and a whole lotta sweat, and I come from pretty strong stock. 

And now I bid you all adieu and leave you with a peek of one of the new paintings coming to the shop soon...