Ramblings from the studio 10/02

Hello. It's been a while. I told you September was going to be a busy month for me.

I've been nesting in my studio the past few days painting and singing while barefoot and in my pjamas. Between the OBX retreat then coming back to host Stanka Kordic in my studio, I've been running non-stop. The wild woman road trip to North Carolina and back was fun with so much beauty to see, an art day in Ashville, and so much laughter. I miss my friends dearly. Why can't we be together all the time? Probably because our loves would miss us. I know mine has. We've spent the past two nights entwined and sleeping under an almost full moon. I got a three-hour back rub to make up for the past few weeks of missing them...midnight nacho making with ice cold beers on the patio, and me telling him all my dreams of future paintings while we try to carve out even more time for me in the studio.

Eat.Paint.Love. Art Retreats were born in OBX as we realized that was what our retreats are about. The house in Outer Banks has been reserved and we will be back May 20-26, 2018. Plans are still coming together for Ireland in September of 2018 and that retreat is almost full already. Glampking and art in Sonoma Valley Wine Country? Looks like it might be a possibility. 2019 will see me in OBX again as well as France. Painting the light in France has been a dream of mine, and so I must go. 

Today with so much tragedy, I wanted to remember how beautiful this world is and how much I love the people in my life. It's easy to become scared and angry and my heart is truly broken. How do we heal? Do more, love more, keep shinning our lights. Hug people and let them know they are loved. Stay off social media when you can and be present with those around you. Get your feet in the grass, be in nature, remember all the good things. Cry. Then laugh. Create something beautiful and do something just for you. We all need to unplug and be present. Gaze at the clouds and do nothing be breathe. We don't do enough of that. 

Tonight under the almost full moon (Harvest Moon will be on the 5th) I am going to say a little prayer, snuggle under a blanket with my love, drink some wine and listen to the crickets. I can nap tomorrow.