Ramblings from the studio 8/24...

I'm not going to pretend that I live a normal life. It's a rich one, full of good food and friends, long walks through wild flower lined paths, nightly fires and spinning stories, painting through the afternoon and plenty of time for day dreaming. I'm not sure it's a productive one for an artist, but to be anymore structured at this point in my life will mean giving up an artful life for one of earning a living from art. And I've worked hard for this artful life.

With that being said, I want to become much more than I am in terms of the art I create, and this is what leaves me pushing just a bit harder for some structure in my daily practice. None of it will happen overnight and every time I'm creating and practicing, I'm growing. I remember not having more than 30 minutes here and there to paint for years and I'm glad I never gave up, never lost interest or thought it was too little time to devote.

I'm running a bit of a B&B these days, something I've wanted for years. An artist haven out in the country where I could gather those souls that connect with mine to fuel the passion of creating and become enriched by one another's company. My dearest French artist friend, Marie-Laurie, left yesterday after spending the week here and teaching at the Bohemian Sage Gallery and within a couple of weeks, Irish artist Marianne Van der Horst will be here for a month. We will be road tripping to Outer Banks, NC where I'm teaching a week long retreat, then we will return to host Ohio artist Stanka Kordic in my studio. It's been a long held dream come true, this summer of mine, and each time we gather my passion for painting deeps and I show another slight growth in my work. 

Having Stanka around for the week where we can paint, hike, do yoga, and spin more tails around the fire is going to be a dream. Every bit of her being is artful and she seems to have mastered allowing the stillness to be present to move forward in her art. 

'Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames.' -Rumi