So many paintings, so little time...

I wonder why artists have been considered "mad" in the past. Is it that they were egocentric, over-stimulated by all they see (and want to paint), or just plain weird? 

I'm so glad these days most artists are just plain down to earth, somewhat reclusive folks. I like those kinds of peeps. The best thing about having artists who are your closest friends is when you gather, you paint! Anytime I'm not painting I'm thinking about painting, stressing that I should be painting, or just plain painting the person or scene in front of me inside my own head. For the past few years I've wanted to plein air paint, paint landscapes, the gorgeous countryside around me. It's not my strength and therefore it's something I feel very much pushed to learn. I'm lucky to be surrounded by gorgeous contryside and starting in September, there will be a small group of plein air painters joining me on my property to paint. Now the challenge is to learn to become a strong landscape painter! 

I have to be mindful or I can become the crazy cat painter lady...doesn't that face just melt you?