Sticky heat and fireflies...

Summertime magic is upon us here in rural Missouri. Days become sticky, windows are frosted with wetness, tiny green frogs the size of a half dollars are underfoot, on railings, and stuck to the windows late at night. 

Evenings are full of fireflies dancing their magic under the trees, the skies are decorated with a speckle of stars, and frog song becomes so loud you can barely hear the crackle of the fire. 

Everything about it brings me to a stillness I don't feel any other time of year. I stay up til 2 in the morning, too enamoured with the world to fall asleep and miss the sunrise because of the stars and moonshine.

I've been in the studio painting for hours each day, working on commissions and upcoming classes. Visit Kat McKown's website to see what we are offering this summer. 

The soft haziness of summer has made it into my paintings...You can purchase the original, paper or canvas print, any size you may need. 

I hope you spend your evenings quietly getting sticky and being sweet with the one you love the most in this world...