The Purpose of Life.

It's five o'clock and I'm snuggled under a blanket with Indy on my lap, snoring his little popping snorts as his head bobs with the weight of sleep. The sun is going down and I'm reminded it's almost winter as the warmth of the day is giving way to chilly air. We had one of those glorious days where I was able to put on shorts and drink cappuccinos with my love barefoot on the porch, soaking up rays from father sun. 

Abundance. 12x16 oil on canvas board. Available $75 in Shop Originals

Sunshine and meditation seem to be my dearest companions right now as winter approches, reminding me that those slow, sunny moments will become most rare in the coming months. 

I spend my days hammering away words on metal, creating gifts to tuck under trees for the upcoming holiday, being Santa's happy helper. The gift for me is to be able to work from my home studio, hand creating meaningful treasures and I'm always grateful to be part of the spirit of love and giving each year...though I cannot wait to take off this red hat and get back to my easel and a beautiful blank canvas!

And I miss this space. Even though I'm not a art form has always been the creation of something tangible...I still miss spending a few moments here, tapping away whatever is running through my mind like I did back when we all had blogs on blogger and shared almost daily what was happening in our lives. Has everyone become so busy, or, like me, have you all become less so? I hope it's the latter. I've slowly learned over the past few years that what matters most in life is who is right in front of you, how you make your coffee (cappuccino please, whole milk...), cooking meals like you give a shit, sleeping in as long as possible with legs entwined, pillows strewn all over, and a fluffy kitty at your feet, whiskey and nachos at midnight, eaten in your underwear, hair that hasn't been brushed for days, laughter, always laughter, long moments of daydreaming, cloud watching, star gazing, fire dancing, mantra chanting, chocolate so good you moan while it melts in your mouth, back rubs, and looking deep into the eyes of the person in front of you.

off I go to start the fire and make some cocoa with Bailey's. Sat Nam.