To be felt rather than seen...

I'd like to tell you where this need to create started...but I'm pretty sure it was born into me, something I had no choice but to do with my life. It's not just painting and jewlery making, it was there when I created mud pies as a wild-haired girl wearing nothing but my diaper and green beaded necklace. 

It's there when I scramble eggs, cutting herbs from the garden and chopping little bits to sprinkle inside the eggs and around the plate, making sure the jam on the home baked bread is opposite the color wheel of the fresh herbs so the plate is even more beautiful. I can't even make a coffee without having the foam sprinkled with some delicious chocolate, fresh nutmeg, or cinnamon. Creating art in my life has spread to the most mundane of things and for that I am grateful because every day should be celebrated with beauty and care. Living like you give a fuck about life makes it that much sweeter to live, and doing it for yourself and those you love, even more precious.

Life is Art, and it's not always meant to be put on display. It's ok to dance in a field of flowers where no one will see, to sing in the garden flat on your back while you watch the clouds go by. Art belongs to me (and you) and is just as precious if it's experienced alone or with a few as much as if it were hung in a solo gallery show or staged and put onto social media under a filter (boring). I also know that the more I create art through the most simplest everyday tasks the more it seeps into my canvas or jewelry making, but even more precious is making those close to me feel what I'm experiencing without ever having to do anything more than  Let your very existence be your art.