To. the country I'm going...


Oh sweet, sweet summertime, how in love with you I am.

Recently I've realized...

I fall so in love with what is in front of me. 

Each season I say "this is my favorite time of year". Yes, every single time. Each meal, always divine...are you a friend of mine? I love you deeply, especially when you are right in front of me. I want to relish in the time we spend together, get lost in deep conversation, touch, play, laugh, flirt, eat all the things I love, which happens to be what is in front of us at the time (as long as it's clean food). 

It sounds fickle, but I'd like to think it's more of a way of being completely in the moment and full of gratitude with what is present. And I know it makes everyday life more enjoyable, at least for me. 

Art is exactly the same for me. Whatever medium or subject I'm painting I feel such a high from, I think I'll never paint anything else but a flower again, or a face, or a cat,'s maddening to some point.

The only exception is a portrait commission. They bring out my inner neurosis...every.single.time. 

So if anyone out there has some magical advice to get over my apparent stage fright when it comes to portrait commissions...bring it to the table, please, because I can't breathe right now. Just kidding, that sounded a bit over-dramatic, which I can be at times but generally like to keep it on the higher end of the emotional spectrum...

And If you are local and want to paint with me. I'm teaching the above paintings this summer. Visit this website to learn more.