Up for Auction - Yellow Pitcher

Yello Pitcher 10x8 Oil on Board

Starting Bid $30.00 Buy it now $50

Yay! My first auction sold at the buy it now price! Thank you to everyone who collects my artwork. You can bid on this one starting tomorrow. I love this painting so much. It looks great in a distressed frame. 

I finished filming yesterday for my Impressionistic figure painting for Paint Your Heart and Soul 2017 yesterday and it's a fun one! I will share more tomorrow hopefully but you can see a sneak peek on Instagram. The edits and uploading of video is not my favorite thing so I pushed myself into doing it right away before Marie gets here next week and my life swirls into food, painting, vino drinking, painting, nights by the campfire, more painting, lots of laughing and the eclipse festival! So much goodness in my life right now and I'm enjoying each and every moment.